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Johnstone Upholds BMOP Title


Once again, Johnstone Supply walks away with the Big Man on the Planet title, earned for collecting and recycling mercury thermostats. Congratulations on helping to win this award, and thank you for supporting TRC!


Johnstone Supply recovered and recycled 19,471 thermostats (keeping 172 pounds of mercury out of the waste stream) during the competition. These are incredible numbers when compared to the 11,179 thermostats we recycled in all of 2013. Johnstone leads the industry in providing a Cooperative-wide awareness of the eco-benefits of recycling, and for raising the awareness of the anti-mercury laws governing our participants' states.

With 2,316 thermostats recycled, the Rochester, MN store received the $1,000 incentive for being the location to recycle the most in the overall competition. Congratulations!


Keep in mind that participation in TRC's program is ongoing even though the competition has ended. We will be driving additional awareness of the Thermostat Recycling Program in 2015 and will continue to showcase our commitment to doing the right thing for the environment and providing solutions for the customers we serve.


New Regulations


Starting January 1st, 2015 manufacturers will be discontinuing the production 13 SEER Heat Pumps across the nation and 13 SEER Air Conditioners in the southern states. Any product manufactured before 12/31/14 can be installed for the next 18 months in a state where it is allowed. This is part of the Regional Energy Standards law that has been put into place.


In other news regarding regulations, the American Public Gas Association and Department Of Energy (DOE) have settled their lawsuit and rulemaking for the elimination of PSC motors in gas and electric furnaces by 2018 will be restarted.


The FTC has required that all manufacturers include an updated yellow Energy Guide hangtag clearly stating the efficiency of all unitary equipment effective 1/1/2015. You will begin to see these attached to your equipment in the beginning of the year. The ratings listed on the hang tags will be tied to Regional Energy Efficiency Standards (RFEE).

Energy Star will also be developing new efficiency tier criteria based on the RFEE and will be altering the criteria for Energy Star Most Efficient in 2015.


R22 will continue to be a viable option at least until 2017. A Phase Out Timeline Modification has been proposed to the DOE and could move the date of elimination from 2020 to 2017. Once a decision has been made, we will pass along the information.



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